International Vacations are my love language.

The planning process for our 90-person destination wedding was one of the most challenging things I have ever done! But basking in the joy of the moments that I had so carefully curated, I knew I wanted to share that feeling with everyone I know! So, I started my own travel company. I even named after our wedding song - So Amazing by Luther Vandross.

Think of me as your Travel Fairy Godmother. I will work carefully with you to make sure your trip is truly amazing! And as a person who did not get her first passport until after graduating from college, I am especially excited to work with first-time international travelers.

My motto is: PTO is only a benefit if you use it!

  • international hotels/resorts
  • domestic hotels/resorts
  • flights
  • ground transportation
  • rental cars
  • cruises
  • excursions and activities
  • guided tours
  • Disney vacations
  • large group trips